Lovely Sundays


Query: Can you tell me what is more fun than sharing mimosas, food, and art with your friends on a Sunday afternoon? ….I didn’t think so….

squigglesdoodle morein the beginningfinished1finished 2finished 3


El Circo


My intrigue with the static trapeze has caused me to be completely immersed me in the world of contemporary circus this past year. I kicked off 2013 by playing Production Assistant for the annual Spring Circus of socially minded youth circus, CircEsteem.

Trash monster in the foreground, Globe walking on the stage

Trash monster in the foreground, Globe walking on the stage

Over the summer I found myself on stage exhibiting my 2 years of hard work (trapeze isn’t easy!) as part of the student showcase at Aloft Loft.

StudentShow2_Jul13_288 StudentShow2_Jul13_293 StudentShow2_Jul13_297

And now I’ve been helping with fundraising and visiting artist housing for the first ever Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival. You should go. Buy your tickets here!


Plein Air Prints


I’m not sure what I want to call these things.  Are they drawings?  Are they photos?  I suppose when it’s all said and done they will be digital prints.  Either way, the process is quite enjoyable!  From packing up my supplies to go downtown or to the lake to actually painting in said settings, to cutting the little guys up and playing with them in different varying combinations.

Here we gooooooo!

Drawn on site in Chicago’s Grant Park. I wonder how those pink guys will end up looking somewhere else! I can’t wait to see!

I call this one “Summer Simmer #1”, but I’m pretty sure I painted it in the spring…

Ok, ok. I didn’t paint this one recently… I think maybe 5 or 6 years ago. My pallette looks a little less saturated. Is that for the better? I’m not sure…